Backroad Press is a small (very) independent publisher located in beautiful Midcoast Maine. Below you will find information about our current titles. There's just two, but we're only getting started, and we look forward to bringing you more great things to read in the future.

Current Titles

Patagonia. Chile. An unexplored mountain range on the edge of the vast continental icecap.  A remote basecamp. A brutal murder. Todd Miller, elite alpinist, is found with an ice-axe buried in his back.

Inspector Juan Antonio Paz is sent from the capital city of Santiago to lead an investigation that will pit him against the rugged landscape and raging storms of Patagonia, the violent political history of Chile, and the dark secrets of an isolated village. And will test him in ways he never knew possible.

Patagonia: a land of myth, of soaring granite towers, tremendous glaciers, immense lakes, of rugged beauty and hidden cruelty, and a wind so strong it is called the Broom of God.

Construction of the nation's massive Interstate Highway System is underway, heading north, tearing through the bucolic Connecticut River Valley. Unstoppable.

In its path, sits the small Vermont hill farm that Roland Tuttle's ancestors settled generations ago, where Roland has spent his entire life—caring for his animals, plowing with his team of horses, harvesting by hand, walking to town. Living in the past

Mystery & mountaineering

"John Bragg's Exit 8 is a poignant and beautifully written novel … With captivating detail, sparse but pitch-perfect dialogue and a rich, evocative prose that's reminiscent of some of the great Southern writers, Bragg shows us the ache of human solitude and a tragically heroic commitment to a past that no longer exists."

Adam Pelzman, Author of Troika

Winner of the 2019 Booklife Prize by Publishers Weekly